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Brilliant site ,it should be a compulsary subject in schools,our loved one's bravery,commitment,agonies, hardships,loyalty e.t.c,it covers the whole spectrum and is not a piece of history to be forgotten and considered in the past.
Dilwyn Parry Lloyd N.Wales 13-07-2001

Dilwyn Lloyd North Wales - United Kingdom [13/07/2001 at 20:24:20]

Very Good Site, I am currently a Year 10 student studying GCSE Modern World History. At the moment we a doing an Essay on the Western Front and the British People. Our question we had to answer on was "Why did the First World War, and the Western Front inparticular have such an impact on the memories of the British People?" I have found this wesbsite very helpful in answering this question. Thanks!
Daniel Rutherford East Sussex - United Kingdom [10/07/2001 at 11:33:56]

Wow, we just recently found the Mary Alice Carpenter crosses on a visit to Salisbury Cathedral. Our research give a very strong link to Mary. Befote she married Cpt Hodgson she had to give up her illegitimate son Arthur who would have beeen just short of two years old. This was around 1895. Mary was, we beleive in disgrace and sent from the Archdeacons home at the Cathedral to live on a farm cottage at Upon Scudamore. All very frowned upon on them there days. We are now trying to trace any issue Mary may have had with the unfortunate Cpt Hodgson
Richard Carpenter PRESTON - United Kingdom [04/07/2001 at 21:23:59]

Wow! iam always amazed, touched and sad when i make another visit to this site, the infomation is priceless. well done all . Perhaps you would like to take a look at a small piece i have added to my village web site, covering ww1 local memorials and solders. Or just go to and follow the link.
Tony Norfolk - United Kingdom [03/07/2001 at 00:04:23]

What can I say but well done.

I am of an age that rememembers all my
maiden aunts who never married because
there was no one left for them.

The tragedy and sheer bloody injustice
of this period needs to be remembered
and you go a great way to bringing this
to a new generation.

The whole world lost a great deal in WWI
and WWI - part 2 (WWII). We must

Ian Jones Liverpool - United Kingdom [09/06/2001 at 23:00:04]

As young boys my brother and I would ask my Great Uncle questions about the
Great War like 'did you shoot any Germans?' and were amazed by his reply
'...oh, I hope not...'. Now I understand. Thanks you for taking the time to remember these men, Grant.

Grant Carson Isleworth - United Kingdom [22/05/2001 at 15:15:36]

Very Good site, I have been trying to trace my father's WW1 details for years I cannot get any further, but I know what he went through, especially as I have grown older (now 64) I cannot find any details of him anywhere, I know he was a signaler and a runner, he was a Fusileer sometime att to RWK, spoke little of the horrors, but then they didn't did they?
Bert Collins Welling Kent - United Kingdom [19/05/2001 at 21:25:32]

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