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I found your site when searching for Binyons poem and found it to be very moving. The sheer scale of the folly that was WW1 never ceases to amaze. I would be able to live easier with it if in fact it had been "The war to end all wars". When will the common man stop being put upon by politicians and "our betters"?
George Byers Aberdeen - United Kingdom [14/12/2002 at 20:10:53]

This site is absolutely beautiful. I will never understand how horrible it would have been to be living through that time. These kind of in depth sites are decreasing in numbers, keep up the good work.
Jes, 17 Sydney - Australia [14/12/2002 at 02:43:06]

I think that the British prime minister D. L. George was treated very unfairly in laying the blame for the Flanders campaign of 1917 at his door. Anyone who has read his memoirs can see how keenly he felt that the battle should not have been fought and his frustration with Haig and Robertson. Remember, DLG had no real party of his own and depended on a coalition government, in 1917 it could be said that the generals were stronger than he. If he would have fired Haig the government would have fallen for sure. And at that time who stood out among the rusty generals to take over?
The blame for Flanders belongs with Haig and the yea-sayers at his HQ, - not at the feet of DLG. The writings of Lord Beaverbrook about the political situation during the war and DLG should be looked at.

Bob Peterson St. Petersburg - USA [03/12/2002 at 17:49:50]

Excellent website, keep up the good work !

Rene - Netherlands [22/11/2002 at 12:53:35]

Very interesting site and content. I just surfed in. Cheers

James Cambridge - United Kingdom [14/11/2002 at 09:00:28]

Please allow me to repeat my message of yesterday in case it did t get sent, as follows :
'Isn't it about time that the Nov 11th ceremany at the Cenotaph in London become international, outward-looking,
inclusive and positive by including representatives of former foes instead of, as at present, inward looking, exclusive, recriminatory and negative.
After all we are now all Europeans together and all sides suffered in the common tragedies.
Also surely our boys would appreciate some new faces and hear some new stories ?!
Guests comments on my idea very welcome.

John Wilson (3 times under fire & twice in an active service zone)

john wilson carlisle - United Kingdom [11/11/2002 at 20:25:03]

In Search of this man or family members of a "A.S.Cator Queeens R". a medal has been in my collection for some time after finding it with my metal detector.
Is there anyone out there that would know how i might track this man down after the first world war. would the Queens R be Regiment?.
great and touching site.........
any ideas welcome

Tony Norfolk - United Kingdom [10/11/2002 at 16:00:04]

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