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Stories with a Great War theme still appear regularly in the press worldwide, serving as a reminder (if any were needed) that the First World War has not yet become simply history.

Soccer Ball from the Somme turns up on a rubbish dump (from Daily Telegraph 24th November 1998)
Passionate plea to save wrecked war memorial
(from South Manchester Express 12th November 1998)
Republic honours forgotten war heroes
(from the Guardian 10th November 1998)
Homage is paid to dwindling band of war veterans
(from Manchester Evening News 9th November 1998)
Grandad's war is ancient history
(from the Observer 8th November 1998)
Time to pull down Haig's statue?
(from the Express 6th November 1998)
The Great Survivor
(from Manchester Evening News 3rd September 1998)
Discovery that keeps Kipling's soul in torment
(from the Guardian 27th July 1998
Army and proud families honour trench war victims finally laid to rest
(from the Guardian 16th April 1998)

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