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Why have we forgotten
by Allan Scott

The headline reads:
'International airport on Somme battlefield will force the first mass removal of soldiers' graves'
Then fades away into obscurity.
What high price of progress has to be paid
To allow these legions of doomed men
Be removed from their resting grounds once again?
Did their deaths mean so little that there are to be regarded
As simple as a piece of barren ground?
Eighty long years have passed since those days of misery and Hell.
Eighty years of suffering on the fields of sacrifice.
Do those eighty years somehow lessen the memory of that cost of that sacrifice?
For all that they have fought and died for:
Homes and families and freedoms.
These values are still held close to our own hearts.
Those rights and responsibilities ring true in our minds today
As they did back during those terrible years.
Who are we to turn our backs on them?
To abandon and betray their sacrifices and their lives?
How can we turn away from our own grandfathers?
Our own flesh and blood?
“Oh, that’s the price of progress”
Our slick tongued politicians say
As they slither and slide their way to prosperity
Along the skeletal backs of their own ancestors.
Take a stand!!
Show that you still hold respect and dignity close to your heart.
If we are to be a people of integrity and honour
We must remember and respect those lives
Which were forfeited for us.
Show our future generations that we did not
Swindle our own past or forget those who lay in those fields of death.
Show them that their deaths still touch us and that we will remember.

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Tuesday 14 February 2006