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As you can see I have too many books already but always seem to manage to make room for more. I can't claim to own every book featured on this page, though I'm getting there.

I also have some nearly new and used books for sale here.

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I've now added the biography of this writer whose word pictures of London life in the 1920s  give a vivid idea of what the place looked and felt like.

Big Ben 1920Several of his books have recently been reprinted:
In Search of London
In Search of England
In Search of Scotland
In Search of Wales
In Search of Ireland

Sebastian Faulks Birdsong  
Pat Barker Regeneration  
Susan Hill Strange Meeting
Sarah Harrison Flowers of the Field 

Social History
VeteransRichard Van Emden & Steve Humphries Veterans
John Stevenson Social History of Britain 1914-45 
Geoffrey Moorhouse: Hells Foundations 
Gerard J.DeGroot Blighty 


Unknown Soldiers
by Mark Leech
The author writes: Unknown Soldiers isn't a conventional war book though, in the sense that the fighting has been over for three months when the story begins. It's more about what happens after war - the effects that it has on people and societies once they've found time to realise what's happened to them. ... it's also a love story and about the ways people find to recover, or persuade themselves that they have recovered

Missing of the SommeThe Missing of the Somme
Very difficult to describe this book in simple terms. Geoff Dyer looks at the Great War from every perspective possible in this brilliant analysis which journeys from present to past and back again. It is a great achievement and no student of the Great War should be without it on their shelves.

Letters from a Lost Generation
A memorable selection of letters written between Vera Brittain and four young men - her fiancÚ Roland Leighton, her brother Edward, and their  friends Victor Richardson and Geoffrey Thurlow - none of whom survived the war.
Complete Memoirs of George Sherston
In one compact volume you have Sassoon's 'Sherston' trilogy: Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer and Sherston's Progress. Essential for undestanding what made the poet tick.
Lost Generation on CassetteSomething to listen to...
Letters from  a Lost Generation

The wartime letters of Vera Brittain read by a star cast including Jonathan Firth, Amanda Root and Rupert Graves

Tracing soldier's records?
You may find this book useful in your historical researches:
Army Records for Family Historians


The Great War
Great War in Photographs
Richard Holmes: The First World War in Photographs
AJP Taylor The First World War  
Martin Gilbert The First World War  
Denis Winter Death's Men
Lyn Macdonald Voices & Images from the Great War  
Martin Middlebrook  First Day on the Somme
Barbara Tuchman The Guns of August

Modris Ecksteins Rites of Spring

Sites of Memory Sites of Mourning
Alex King Memorials of the Great War in Britain
David W.Lloyd Battlefield Tourism 
Jay Winter Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning  

Goodye to all that (US edition)
Vera Brittain Testament of Youth 
Robert Graves Goodbye to All That 
Tonie & Valmai Holt My Boy Jack   
J.R.Ackerley My father and myself


Wilfred Owen Collected Poems
Catherine Reilly (ed): Virago Book of Women's Poetry [includes Scars Upon My Heart]
Martin Stephen (ed) Never Such Innocence again

Video Corner

People's CenturyThe People's Century: Lost Peace (1997) Volume 2 of the acclaimed BBC series which gives A unique insight into the twentieth century as seen from the viewpoint of the changing role of the people. Episodes 4 to 6 - 'Lost Peace 1919', 'On The Line 1924' and 'Great Escape 1927'.

The Trench
The Trench (1999) directed by William Boyd - underrated by critics with little box office success this film does manage to capture the gut-wrenching tension of the 48 hours preceding the opening of the Somme battle on 1 July 1916.



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