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from South Manchester Reporter 7 November 2002

Poppy appeal awarded order of the garter
by Kate Stirrup

CHEEKY fundraisers at Levenshulmes British Legion have come up with a saucy new way of selling poppies.

Cheryl Graham and her colleagues at the legion, in Beech House on Albert Road have made dozens of skimpy garters bearing the famous symbol of remembrance. And they are hoping they will be a hit with the veterans who use the club.

Cheryl works on the poppy appeal with Rose Murcloch and Deanna Ward, and the trio made the garters to try and attract more attention to the importance of the appeal.

Cheryl, 51, said: "If the Mother's Union can sell nudie calendars, then we can sell garters. I suppose the way we see it is: if you've got them, flaunt them. Its just a bit of fun and anew way of selling poppies.

The British Legion believe wearing a poppy, the symbol of remembrance, remains a small but significant gesture which helps people to remember the price of freedom.

Cheryl said: We just thought it would be a novel way of promoting the poppy appeal and t think it will be very popular. This is a very busy British Legion, and Im sure anyone with a sense of humour will think the garters are funny.

"It's important to make sure people are still aware of what the poppy appeal symbolises, and what work is made possible by people buying pop[ies.

The money helps the relatives of people who lost their lives in wars, and people who have lost limbs. And we help veterans of the Falklands War, and people suffering from Gulf War syndrome. It's not just about World War One and Two."

Around £48million each year is spent by the British Legon helping veterans and their families, including counselling, job retrainings, nursing support and remembrance travel to war graves.

This year appeal organisers are are hoping to raise £22 million from the sale of the paper poppies.

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