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Looking for any information about the 8th Infantry Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. (WWI) Particularly what battle this unit was engaged in during mid - August 1917. Thanks
Ed Catenacci Novi, MIchigan - USA [11/05/2001 at 20:50:43]

I found this site whilst looking for info. on the cenotaph - it's great, so informative. Does anyone know where
I can get a copy of picture of the cenotaph on Nov 11th 1920 - preferably with the flowers? My mother talks about this - she was 9 years old at the time - 90 this year and we are making a book of her life. This was one of the most vivid memories of her childhood.

Pauline Orsgood Dereham - United Kingdom [08/05/2001 at 21:57:43]

Mr Roden is to be congratulated for putting together and maintaining such an excellent website.
Particularly enjoyed material on the Ypres League and Ronald Blythe's "The View in Winter." I am researching Field Marshals Douglas Haig and Herbert Plumer.
Fine work, Mr Roden.

e wakefield College Station, TX - USA [01/05/2001 at 17:15:41]

I found this site by chance when looking for information on the author H V Morton.

It's very interesting and unusual to concentrate on the reality of the "Land Fit For Heroes"

Lyn Kirby London - United Kingdom [27/04/2001 at 12:28:59]

Your site was recommended by members of a WWI discussion group I belong to. I am quite impressed with your site and hope to visit it often. I am at this time conducting research on ALL American Expeditionary Force temporary and permanent cemeteries. At the end of WWI there were in excess of 2000 temporary burial sites of American soldiers. When repatriation of the fallen started these burial were condensed into 250 temporary cemeteries which in turn were condensed into 8 permanent ones in the late 1920's. I hope I can be of any assistance to you or any of your visitors concerning my research. Again, great site.
Therry Schwartz

Therry Schwartz Easton, Pennsylvania - USA [19/04/2001 at 15:11:15]

I am looking for my great-grandfather. I have a cross that belonged to him, that reads: 4D
H.S. Saunier
D 38068
Can anyone help me to find his grave. He was in World War I and is buried in France somewhere. And there is some mention of the Black Forest, also. I would appreciate any information. Thank you, Cristina

Cristina Saunier Ocala - USA [16/04/2001 at 05:42:48]

What a wonderful site. The pages on the tomb of the Unknown Warrior were particularly moving. Many thanks.
Ross Liverpool - United Kingdom [15/04/2001 at 23:37:20]

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