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A wonderful Site. I'd love to be able to add some of the information which I've picked up over the years
My grandfather and his 2 younger brothers were killed in the same futile attack in Gallipoli 1915 For what?
They were volunteers in the Isle of Wight Rifles 'Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori' I also have a first hand account from an ex member of the Royal Naval Division who actually got off of Gallipoli (and straight to France) where there was a mutiny. Anyone else ever heard of this incident?

Colin Urry Daventry - United Kingdom [18/07/2002 at 21:53:18]

Extraordinary site; You should be very proud. I would be if it were mine.

John Wingfield

John Wingfield Paso Robles, California - USA [14/07/2002 at 09:38:29]

First class site.I read the piece on Bereavement (Returning His Kit) over and over again.Also The Unknown Warrior.What the nation must of been fealing.The grief must of touched almost every household.
Unbelieveable times.

Michael Caffin London - United Kingdom [10/07/2002 at 14:05:41]

This is an excellent site. I found it when I was searching for information on military hospitals in Shorncliffe, Kent during W.W.I. My mother was born on April 17, 1917 in Shorncliffe, Kent. We thought that her mother (my grandmother) was there staying with family while my grandfather was in France during W.W.I with the Canadian Expeditionary Force as a tank repairman. But I think that perhaps Mom was born at a military hospital. Is that possible? I would welcome any information that anyone could give me to clarify this piece of our family history.
Margo McKinstry Layton - USA [28/06/2002 at 22:50:31]

Hello Im Robin from the Netherlands my compliments for this great website. Please take a look at this site and link it.
Drawings,History and Letters of joseph Lesage a First World War telegrapher and Artist.
Together witch two comrades he started in 1915 a front-paper for his division. Joseph went through all of it: the first German attacks near Nancy in 1914, the battle of Verdun in 1916, battle at the rivers Aisne and Marne in 1917 and 1918.Enjoy the reputation of a promising painter,drawer en etcher Joseph Lesage (1884-1918). (see document:banner)

thanks, Robin Noppen

Robin Noppen Leeuwarden - Netherlands [27/06/2002 at 21:43:30]

Apologies to anyone who has tried and failed to leave a message on this guestbook during the last couple of months.

The error was due to a small programming error which I have only just noticed. Hopefully I've now fixed it.

Mike Roden

Mike Roden Manchester - United Kingdom [26/06/2002 at 11:15:23]

I found your site when searching for poetry of the Great War. I have a great interest in this most turbulent time in the world's history and I am particularly interested in the poetry of WWI. I find the poetry of the men in the trenches so vivid and raw in it's immediacy. There was so little time available to these men there was rarely time to polish their words and this gives their poetry an edge that makes it stand out as unique from the poetry of any other time.
This is a wonderful site clearly put together with a great deal of love and care and I can see I will be spending a great deal of time here. Thank you.

Tony Phelps Derby - United Kingdom [14/03/2002 at 03:29:29]

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