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I am so happy i found this website as i had to revise for one of my most important history gcse's!!
As you may of guessed i PAST!!
I am really happy as a i want to be an Historian, and this website help me thorough it!!!!!

Clare ?????? South Coast - United Kingdom [13/03/2002 at 16:27:07]

The proposal to desecrate these graves, which should be protected forever. Is an insult to the memory of all those who gave their lives so we should live.
A world wide protest shoild be made by all nationalities.

Harry Clulow Coventry - United Kingdom [07/03/2002 at 15:43:55]

My Mother died thre weeks ago.I have been going through some of my Mother's papers and have found something quite interesting.
Folded very carefully in an envelope, a 13" x13" sheet of very thin paper. Printed on it, in the four corners are coloured pairs of Union Jacks. Inside this border is the program
for the Unveiling of the Cenotaph and the Burying of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey 11th
November 1920.

An accompanying note left by Mum reads,
"I saw this ceremony from the window in the war office overlooking the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London.
My Aunt Pearl Crouch took me, aged 6. She had lost her husband Allen in Mesopotamia. I can remember the occasion, especially the fact that there were a lot of people crying"
"Idella Warton (then a Roane)."

I did a little web surfing and found this page. The small picture showing the Cenotaph was taken on
that day. It appears to have been taken across the street from the War Office Building and there are people in the windows?
The writing, although six years later still shows "a lot of people crying".

Michael Warton Neotsu Oregon - USA [06/03/2002 at 05:38:31]

During the Great War thousands of soldiers left for France from Shorncliffe Army Camp in Kent.A few returned to be treated in the Military Hospital there. Some are buried in the Cemetery including over 350 Canadians.
PLEASE HELP. I am researching the history of Shorncliffe camp and would like to hear from anyone with any memories or anecdotes of their or a relative's time there. MG

Michael George Folkestone - United Kingdom [04/03/2002 at 22:08:43]

I have been intrigued that the nazi's during the occupation only,thanfully,destroyed a few ww1 memorials. Do you think this was because hitler and many of the generals had fought in WW1 ?
james jack lasgow - United Kingdom [01/03/2002 at 10:38:22]

I hope someone republishes The Heart of London and Behind the Windows. I suppose they are too much of a period to be of commercial interest.
Ken Ellis London - United Kingdom [28/02/2002 at 16:34:41]

Thank you for this lovely site. Though most of these brave men are long gone, God forbid that they should ever be forgotten. When will mankind ever learn?
Michael Quigley Cleveland - USA [27/02/2002 at 16:26:09]

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