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I have written to Jeff Hoon,my MP, and the British Legion. The MOD passed me onto the Commenwealth War Graves Commission about the proposal to build another airport for Paris. I think it's wrong even if only a few bodies were to moved. Also as your article says the war graves were granted to Britain in perpetuity.The only news programme I saw this on was channel 5
james jack glasgow - United Kingdom [27/02/2002 at 16:24:59]

Just found this site today after an 8th grade student of mine had given me a connecting link. As a history and literature teacher of nearly 20 years, the Great War has always been a focus
for me in and out of the classroom. My appreciation and respect to those who've created this site-our little town here in the western upper Michigan by Lake Superior gave seven doughboys of its own in the war and another 37 in the one that followed. For all the people we remember and the subtle beauty of this website-we remember with thanks...

Daniel Obradovich Wakefield, Michigan - USA [24/01/2002 at 06:14:22]

I could not agree more with your comments on haig, however he was one of the many landed gentry who thought it was spiffing fun to be able to send thousands of men to their deaths.
apparently in gallipoly where my uncles were killed ,their commander was safe on a ship several miles offshore,and had no idea of conditions on land.
these generals should have been tried for war crimes.........

george blood durham - United Kingdom [03/01/2002 at 19:40:02]

Thank you for a wonderful & memorable site, not only for our children's education but in memory of our "Diggers" in WW1 & 11 - I'm descended from several, including relatives who flew during the Battle of Britain - it was all in the name of humanity & preservation of democracy, the latter having constantly to be protected during Yr 2002. Our memories of sacrifice during Wars past & present are shared with you. Many thanks
Mrs Helen Woodward (nee Glen) URALLA NEW SOUTH WALES - Australia [30/12/2001 at 07:09:58]

Like the new look. This is a superb site and thank you for making it so.
John Westbrook Houston - USA [21/12/2001 at 05:29:08]

Thanks for your site. My father served in WWI in France. George Jacob Dyer, Sr.
He came home. I remember being a small girl and father would take me to the Soldier's and Sailor's Home in our hometown to visit the veterans. Many of them had lost limbs. That left quite an impression on me. I loved and respected those brave men. My father died when I was 8 from prostrate cancer. I am very proud of him.
Thanks again.

Rosalie Ferry Careywood - USA [17/11/2001 at 08:58:01]

I have been studying my family tree over the last year, and I sadded to find out that my Great Uncle, went off to fight in the war. He was killed on the last day of April 1915 in the Second Battle of Yrpes, he was killed on the first day the germans used gas. He has no known grave. What a life he must have had living in those trenches, may my thoughs go out to those for fought and did not come back, may their souls rest in peace
Charles Wilson Watkins Swansea - United Kingdom [12/11/2001 at 09:48:29]

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