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On Armistice day, remembering my great uncle, Private Thomas Harold William Chapman of the 1st/5th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment. 'Harold' was killed, along with thirteen of his comrades, on September 14th 1918 at Havrincourt Wood.My great uncle, as thousands more, has no known grave. His name recorded in perpetuity on the memorial at Vis en Artois on the Pas de Calais.
Also remebering my now late father who served with the 8th/1st Army in North Africa and Italy.

tony chapman Wigston Magna. Leicester - United Kingdom [11/11/2001 at 15:27:20]

What a wonderful site! As an amateur WWI historian, I find it a fitting tribute to that generation.

I did find an error though, with the photo you posted alongside the bereavement article on Vera Brittain's loss. Her brother Edward is to the left of the photo, not to the right as indicated by the caption.

Keep up the otherwise good work!

Cori Whetstone San Francisco - USA [07/11/2001 at 21:22:06]

What an excellent web site!!
I am extremely interested in the history of the Great War. My great grandfather was killed at Ypres in 1915 (Pte Frank Carroll 2btn DLI) and I have visted his grave at Duhallow ADS cemetry several times. I would like to hear from anyone with information on the Durham light infantry in WW1.

Mike O'Key Oxford - United Kingdom [03/11/2001 at 11:42:03]

I am trying to locate perhaps some type of memorial page to the 315th Infantry, Company C. of Philadelphia, PA. If not, I have in my posession, two huge books belonging to one of my ancestors who served in Meusse-Argonne with information and photographs of his Company, where they all lived, poetry they wrote, and if they made it home alive. Also their rank.

I wonder if anyone out there would be interested in a website created about this particular infantry?


Lita USA - United Kingdom [24/10/2001 at 19:05:47]

I have for nearly 20 years been both
fascinated and haunted by the Great War
and particularly its effects on the people,
society, and culture of the British Isles.
I discovered this website today. At the moment I'm
studying for an exam (I'm a student at Yale
University Divinity School), but when I have
more time, I plan to return and explore the
site more fully.

Dan Gross New Haven, Connecticut - USA [20/10/2001 at 21:30:55]

Hi again, yet another visit, iam wondering if anyone is to make a visit to or around the area which my G/Uncle is buried i have all info including a picture of the cemetery except a picture of the grave, the cemetery is Mont Noir,St Jans-Cappel, Nord France, if any one could help i would be deeply grateful.
Also anyone interested in a small piece of history of men of WW1 on my village page please check in hoping to add more soon.

Tony Norfolk - United Kingdom [20/10/2001 at 12:22:15]

Searching for consolation during our 9-11, 2001 'aftermath' generation of Americans have not known such sorrow I fear. The reflections on this site offer some help and solace.
Lora Murfin Litchfield - USA [20/09/2001 at 00:14:40]

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