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Stories with a Great War theme still appear regularly in the press worldwide, serving as a reminder (if any were needed) that the First World War has not yet become simply history.

Remarkable digger's life celebrated (the Tasmania Examiner 27/06/2003)
WW1 grenade find goes down a bomb (the Chester Chronicle 27/06/2003)
Scotland's oldest man turns 107 (the Scotsman 25/06/2003)
Art of war, grim, moving (Halifax Daily News, Canada 19/06/2003)
Salute to the Manchester Pals (the Manchester Evening News 03/04/2003)
Last Caribbean veteran of first world war dies at 105 (the Guardian 04/03/2003)
Cartoon by Old Bill creator found in old box at museum (the Daily Telegraph 12/11/2002)
True Remembrance (Guardian 11/11/2002)
Secret records of Great War troops released after 85 years (Independent 10/11/2002)
Caribbean honour officially restored (Observer 10/11/2002)
My war grenade souvenir was live (Manchester Metro 08/11/2002)
Poppy appeal awarded order of the garter (South Manchester Reporter 07/11/2002)
There were no parades for us (Guardian 06/11/2002)
Exhibition honours Jewish soldiers in first world war (Le Monde 24/10/2002)
The Tommies' tipple is back in vogue (Manchester Evening News 02/08/2002)
A satire going over the top (Independent 29/07/2002)
War angel's tribute saved from flames (Manchester Evening News 24/04/2002)
A face worth than death (the Observer 24/03/2002)
Honour at last for war hero ignored for being black (the Guardian 21/03/2002)
Stuck in the mud (the Observer 17/03/2002)
A Phoney War (Manchester Evening News 14/03/2002)
The Battle for Ratings (the Guardian 11/03/2002)
The Soils of War (the Guardian 07/03/2002)
How a school's super-sleuths traced hero's history from a tragic memento (Manchester Evening News 12/02/2002)
Is wanting a relic from Ground Zero morbid (the Guardian 31/01/2002)
Motorway threat to Wipers Dead (the Guardian 19/12/2001)
International airport on Somme battlefield will force the first mass removal of soldiers' graves (the Independent 15/11/2001)
Remembering past and present conflicts (Daily Telegraph 12/11/2001)
Legion plans 'debt of honour' website (the Observer 11/11/2001)
But how should we think of them now (the Observer 11/11/2001)
The last word on Remembrance (the Guardian 10/11/2001)
Volunteers are sought to adopt a grave (Daily Telegraph 10/11/2001)
Medal at last for Jack, 105 (Manchester Metro 09/11/2001)
CD art and the sound of silence (the Guardian 09/11/2001)
Giant Poppies to mark Legion's 80th year (Daily Telegraph 09/11/2001)
Interviews with 3 Veterans (the Guardian 08/11/2001)
The Last Stand (the Guardian 08/11/2001)
BBC in row over ban on poppies (the Guardian 03/11/2001)
Funeral for soldier 87 years after his death in battle (Manchester Evening News 31/10/2001)
Street of Courage (Manchester Evening News 24/10/2001)
The Sorrows of War (the Guardian 14/09/2001)
Last survivor of a famous first world Christmas Truce (the Guardian 03/08/2001)
A horror story too far (the Guardian 05/07/2001)
No, it was not a lovely war (the Observer 01/07/2001)
Brave war hero risked life to save his comrade (Manchester Evening News 30/06/2001)
BBC offers fortnight in the trenches (the Guardian 25/06/2001)
Gallipoli veteran dies at 107 (the Telegraph 23/06/2001)
Revealed - the Chums' own story (Daily Mail 23/06/2001)
Last post - memorial to soldiers shot as cowards (the Guardian 22/06/2001)
Old Soldier dies after 77 years in hospital (Daily Telegraph 21/06/2001)
Arm in arm, soldiers lie in their grave (the Guardian 20/06/2001)
After 85 years, a hero's funeral for Pte Clarke (the Telegraph 27/05/2001)
Prince pays tribute to Canadians who fell at Vimy Ridge (the Telegraph 26/04/2001)
A new generation gathers at Gallipoli to pay respects to Diggers (Canberra Times 26/04/2001)
Mustard gas leak town evacuated (the Guardian 14/04/2001)
War deserters memorial nears completion (Toronto Star 05/01/2001)
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