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Stories with a Great War theme still appear regularly in the press worldwide, serving as a reminder (if any were needed) that the First World War has not yet become simply history.

Golden silence as thousands pay respects (from Salisbury Journal 16 November 2000)
Poppy Day marches into a new century
(from The Guardian 13 November 2000)
Living in the nation's memory
(from Independent 11 November 2000)
Lest we forget? Sadly many young people never learned what Poppy Day means
(from Sunday Express 11 November 2000)
Corner of a foreign field that is forever dangerous
(from The Guardian 11 November 2000)
Reaching across the generations
(from Manchester Evening News 11 November 2000)
Remembered - War Graves Victory
(from Daily Mirror 11 November 2000)
Outrage at trade in souvenirs from WWI heroes' graves
(from Daily Express 11 November 2000)
Floods leave Poppy Appeal washed out
(from Daily Mirror 10 November 2000)
Battle for recognition - shamed soldiers acknowledged
(from The Guardian 10 November 2000)
Tribute to a modest hero
(from Manchester Evening News 8 November 2000)

Cross to war dead must go as it is 'religious' (from Daily Telegraph 7 November 2000)
A final salute for 12 unknown soldiers returned to the earth of Flanders (from The Guardian 28 October 2000)
One of the lucky ones (from Manchester Metro News 27 October 2000)
Bayoneted and buried alive - a soldier's tale (from Sunday Telegraph 22 October 2000)
Stony heart...stony faces
(from Daily Mirror 20 October 2000)

Last salute to Arnold, 102, hero who braved hell (from Manchester Evening News 19 October 2000)
War grave gardeners fear the axe (from Daily Telegraph 13 October 2000)
Huge toll of first war PoWs revealed
(from The Guardian 31 August 2000)
I hated that job. You knew you were going to fill that trench in
(from The Guardian 31 August 2000)
War graves scandal: we can't look after the dead if they won't pay us a living
(from Daily Mirror 31 August 2000)
Insult to the Fallen
(from Daily Mirror 31 August 2000)
Brave war hero risked life to save comrade - VC soldier is honoured with plaque and parade
(from Manchester Evening News 30 June 2000)
Somme memorial to mark English football's VC
(from Daily Telegraph 28  June 2000)
Thousands pay tribute to Unknown Soldier
(from Ottawa Citizen 29 May 2000)
'Symbol of all sacrifice' laid to rest  (from Ottawa Citizen 29 May 2000)
Body of Unknown Soldier lies in state
(from Ottawa Citizen 26 May 2000)
Unknown Soldier to rest in Ottawa
(from Toronto Star 25 May 2000)
Soldier buried 84 years after death
(from National Post 25 May 2000)
Canada's Unknown Soldier about to come home
(from Ottawa Citizen 24 May 2000)
Canada's Unknown Soldier exhumed from Vimy grave
(from Ottawa Citizen 19 May 2000)
Old soldier fights for justice for boy victims
(from Irish Times 19 May 2000)
A new generation gathers at Gallipoli to pay respects to diggers
(from Canberra Times 25 April 2000)
Heroes who won six VCs before breakfast time
(from Manchester Evening News 25 April 2000)
Soldier who spent four years in a cupboard
(from Daily Telegraph 11 April 2000)
Vandals wreck a war hero's military grave
(from Manchester Metro 6  April 2000)
1m memorial for Empire's dead is likened to a giant skirting board
(from Daily Telegraph 30 March 2000)
Reds cobbler's medal for sale
(from Manchester Evening News 21 March 2000)
Ypres setting for story of fallen hero
(from Manchester Evening News 17 March 2000)
Village votes to remember first shot deserter
(from Independent 15 March 2000)
Royal British Legion refuses to honour executed deserter
(from Independent 15 March 2000)
Indian veterans wounded by 'racist' halt to parade
(from Observer 12 March 2000)
Battle brewing over Tomb 
(from Ottawa Citizen 5 March 2000)
Executed soldiers honoured
(from Guardian 19 February 2000)
Villagers against adding deserter's name to memorial
(from Daily Telegraph 4 February 2000)
Family of fallen Flanders hero Harry reunited
(from Manchester Evening News 24 January 2000)
Somme's Unknown Soldier is finally unmasked 
(from Independent 21 January 2000)
Family of fallen war hero is found by Manchester Evening News
(from Manchester Evening News 12 January 2000)

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