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Stories with a Great War theme still appear regularly in the press worldwide, serving as a reminder (if any were needed) that the First World War has not yet become simply history.

War - what is it good for?
(from Observer 21 November 1999)
Lest we forget the 306 wartime 'cowards' that Britain executed (from Observer 14 November 1999)
Paris misses 1914-18 veterans
(from Times 12 November 1999)
Pardon Great War deserters urge MSPs
(from Times 12 November 1999)
Saving Private Byers
(from Guardian 11 November 1999)
Town urged to honour forgotten war victim
(from Manchester Evening News 10 November 1999)
Ghosts of war recalled to the Somme
(from Guardian 10 November 1999
Campaign to save memorial heritage
(from Guardian 10 November 1999)
Marching on at 101, true hero recalls his days of hell
(from Manchester Evening News 8 November 1999)
Day Trip to Hell gives young a lesson in war's folly
(from The Observer 7th November 1999)
Fields of Somme might again turn red
(from The Independent 18th October 1999)
Old soldier wins his Jewish war graves battle (from Daily Telegraph 1 October 1999)
Review of The Trench - new movie about the Battle of the Somme
(from Guardian 17th September 1999)
Jibe about 'thick' soldiers leaves a son fighting mad
(from Manchester Evening News 27th August 1999)
First world war veterans in Paris
(from Guardian 21st June 1999)
Last post for Somme hero Mike
(from Manchester Evening News 20th April 1999)
Grave of war hero marked at last
(from South Manchester Express 4th March 1999)
Memorial for black servicemen
(from Guardian 25th February 1999)

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