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Since I began this website in 1998 many of my correspondents have suggested that I should add a section for pieces, in prose or verse, written recently by those inspired by the Great war and its aftermath.

Below are some pieces which have been sent to me. These contributions have not been edited by me in any way.


Ian Cameron The Officially Branded Coward
George Carson The Fear
Helen Charlesworth The Visit (long awaited) Guillemont Cemetery
Nicholas Haslam We sat with the dead, and they were happy
John Kemp The Recovery Party
Roger Laing Evening Whispers on the Somme
Victor Paquette Unknown Soldier
S J Robinson Visit to Menin
Allan Scott Why have we forgotten


Helen Charlesworth The Ghosts of Christmas Past
Anthony Ollevou The Anatomy of Silence

Copyright is claimed by and remains with the writers. I'll be quite prepared to look at work from others (

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submissions only), and will acknowledge receipt as soon as I can. If the work is longer than around 10 pages (5,000 words) please send your document as a zip file. And have some commonsense about what you send - there is no way I'm going to publish your first novel on the website. I will let you know you if I decide to add your work to the New Writing collection on the Aftermath site but I make no promises that it will be published on the site. I make no payment to any contributor. If work by a contributor is added to the site I reserve to right to remove it at any time and for any reason.

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Tuesday 7 February 2006