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Memorial Tablet
by Siegfried Sassoon (1918)

Siegfried Sassoon
Siegfried Sassoon

Squire nagged and bullied till I went to fight,
(Under Lord Derby's scheme). I died in hell -

(They called it Passchendaele). My wound was slight,
And I was hobbling back; and then a shell
Burst slick upon the duckboards: so I fell
Into the bottomless mud, and lost the light

At sermon-time, while Squire is in his pew,
He gives my gilded name
a thoughtful stare;
For, though low down upon the list, I'm there;
"In proud and glorious memory"
... that's my due.
Two bleeding years I fought in France, for Squire:

suffered anguish that he's never guessed.
I came home on leave: and then went west...
What greater glory could a man desire?

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